Secret of Mana (PS4) – Playlog 4

HLTB Estimate: 22.5 hours.
16.75 hours played.
Randi level 31.

Played a shit ton of this game today.  Really enjoying the remake, especially the added talk between the characters in the inn.  There’s a LOT of these skits, considering I spend a lot of time in the inn while grinding out spell levels.  (I decided I’m going to try for the platinum on this game, which requires leveling all weapons and spells.  I’m going to do it as I go so it’s not a crazy grindfest at the end.)



Secret of Mana (PS4) – Playlog 3

HLTB Estimate: 22.5 hours.
5.5 hours played.
Randi level 14.

Played some more, thwarting Thanatos in the temple near Pandora and cleaning up a few more activities in the area.  Did some grinding for spell levels.

Stopped shortly after traveling to the upper lands, trying to remember what to do there.  But in the meantime, the exp there is great.  I’m starting to focus on leveling up weapons now, which seem to cap out at the number of orbs/upgrades for each weapon.

Infamous (PS3) – Playlog 1

HLTB Estimate: 15 hours.
8.25 hours played.
Cole Karma level Good/Champion.

An explosion that leveled 5 or 6 blocks occurred at Empire City’s Historic District, killing thousands of civilians and destroying several buildings. In the midst of the explosion’s crater, lay Cole MacGrath, a bike messenger who was later revealed to the courier who brought the bomb responsible for the explosion. As he made his way out of the area, he soon discovered that he had gain the ability to channel electricity from his body, and passed out after making his way out of the city district, in the midst of a freak lightning storm caused by Cole.

As Cole was nursed back to health by his girlfriend Trish Dailey and best friend Zeke Dunbar, Empire City fell apart after the day of the Blast, riots and crimes being committed all over the city, along with a violent plague. As a desperate attempt from the government to contain the said plague, they’ve issued a quarantine on the city, leaving everyone trapped within the chaos and crime of the city. With the lawmen gone, the criminals took over the districts, leaving the city lawless and miserable.

Cole, after a few days, awoke, and soon discovered his new found powers. Getting out of bed, Cole practiced his powers with Zeke, hoping to control it for good use. Cole would use his powers to help assist the city in recovering the food drop, along with Zeke, after he recovered his firearm, and Trish, who made his way to the area right after the latter two’s success. Afterwards, a TV broadcast by the “Voice of Survival” had Cole named a terrorist, causing several civilians to become hostile and suspicious towards him. Also, in the midst of this, Trish walked out on Cole, with the latter believing that it was due to him being partly responsible for her sister’s death in the Blast.

Cole, with Zeke, decided to meet up at the Stampton Bridge, planning to escape the city before things got ugly. Though their escape with the rioting civilians managed to garner a minor success, they were stopped by a wall of turrets and razor wire, slaughtering every civilian that tried to escape. Zeke broke the nearby gate and fell down to the harbor, while Cole made his way out through the exit Zeke made, managing to hide within a decontamination chamber. Cole was then greeted by name, by an FBI agent named Moya Jones. She saw the footage of Cole being at Ground Zero, and figured he’d try to escape (also knowing he had superhuman powers).

She explained that the night before the explosion, John White, her husband and fellow agent, disappeared. She continued, explaining John’s mission to infiltrate the First Sons in order to learn more of the device known as the Ray Sphere, a device designed to drain the energy out of nearby civilians and then focusing it on the one holding the device, the same device that gave Cole his powers. Without being able to establish contact with John, Moya offered Cole a deal: he goes back into the city to find John and the Ray Sphere, and in return, she’ll get him out of the quarantine and clear his name. Cole agrees, and returns to the city.

Cole would then return to the city and, after telling Zeke about the situation, goes on to do several of Moya’s requests, such as helping out one of his associates and rescuing a train line that might have been where John was.

His activities eventually led him and Moya to Sasha a former member of the First Sons, now the leader of the Reapers, a local faction that took over the majority of the city’s Neon District. Deducing her location, Cole made his way into the area and confronted her.

After a fight, Cole was able to subdue Sasha, but as he was about to question her about the First Sons, the area was destroyed and infiltrated by a group of men. The men took Sasha and left Cole for dead underneath the rubble. After getting out of the rubble, Cole makes his way out of the area and into the city slums, the Warren. After restoring power, Cole would later continue his work with Moya in locating the Ray Sphere and John.

Secret of Mana (PS4) – Playlog 2

HLTB Estimate: 22.5 hours.
3 hours played.
Randi level 11.

Played for about an hour and wrapped up the Witch hunt, then saved the water spirit back at the Water Temple, earning the party’s first magic spells.  Leveled them to level 1, where they seem to be capped at the moment.  Maybe the max level of spells is equal to the amount of “mana power” you have?